Justice for the 96 TeeOn 15th April 1989, 96 football fans didn’t come home. We’re now over 20 years on, and the families who lost loved ones still don’t know the full truth about what happened on that fateful day.

The Hillsborough Families Support Group campaigns vigourously for the truth to be revealed, but has to rely on donations for funding. We’re proud to be working with them to help keep the fight going, and we’re giving at least £4 to HFSG for every ’96’ and ‘Justice for the 96‘ t-shirt we sell.

Each t-shirt costs just £12 + p&p

We are selling this t-shirt in conjunction with HFSG, who know about the campaign, and will hopefully have something up on their website soon verifying that fact! Margaret Aspinall (the chair of HFSG) says “We would like to thank Liverpooltees for contacting us with their idea, we love the design they have come up with for this T shirt. This is yet another great example of how Liverpool fans still remember, still offer their support, and continue to help the Hillsborough Family Support Group in our fight for justice.”

You can read more about our thoughts on helping the HFSG on our blog, which is also where we’ll be updating you on how much we’ve raised. We are basically Liverpool fans who want to help the fight for justice, and admire the great work done by HFSG.

We’re hoping to sell as many t-shirts as possible, so that we raise as much money for HFSG as possible, so if you want to help all you have to do is buy a t-shirt. If you can’t afford to, or want to help us out even more, then we would very much appreciate it if you can help spread the word to other like-minded football fans – twitter and facebook are great places for that. Even is all you do is click ‘like’ at the top of this page you will be helping us.

If you run a website or blog it would be fantastic if you could highlight our campaign, and if you need anything more from us then just get in touch (info [at] and we’d be happy to help!