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Brand New Site

Welcome to our brand new website.

Hopefully having a blog (which you can comment on) will enable us to engage all Liverpool fans across the globe a bit more! We want to hear from each and every one of you – who do you want immortalised on our t-shirts next?!

We’ve just about caught up with all the orders for the ‘Support Suarez‘ t-shirts, and are now looking for the next design. By the looks of Wednesday night, we could well be in the Carling Cup Final. It will be our first trip to Wembley in ages, so we’re looking at producing a t-shirt to commemorate the experience. We all know the Carling Cup isn’t the most prestigious of trophies, but if we win it then it proves we are on the right track, and it will be some well-deserved silverwear for King Kenny and the lads.

Would you buy a t-shirt celebrating the Carling Cup victory, or would you prefer one that commemorates the trip to Wembley instead? Please do let us know by commenting below.

Until next time…