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Mailing List

With the setting up of the shiny new site, we also included a mailing list function. We have added all of our previous customers email addresses in, so anyone who has bought from us will be getting an email (though its really easy to opt out / unsubscribe).

Whilst this month its just an introductory email letting everyone know about the new site and the new ‘One Love’ t-shirt, we anticipate sending out discount codes and special offers to our mailing list, so its well worth you signing up too!

What else is going on at Liverpool Tees? All sorts – including putting the finishing touches to our latest tribute t-shirt of Robbie Fowler AKA God. That one will be out soon!

If you want to keep up-to-dat with everything that’s going on, keep checking back, like us on facebook, and join the mailing list! 🙂