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God AKA Robbie Fowler

When I was playing football in the playground, there was only ever one player I was pretending to be – Robbie Fowler.

He was everything I wanted to be – a local Liverpool lad who was living his dream by scoring important match-winning goals week-in, week-out in front of a Kop that was going wild with delight!

Whenever we needed a goal, Fowler would pop up from the middle of nowhere and knock it in. They weren’t always the most spectacular ones but invariably the ball would drop to his feet, and 9 times out of 10 it would end up in the back of the net – he wasn’t called the ‘most natural finisher’ by the pundits for nothing!

He will forever be a hero to me, which is why I’m glad that there is talk of a return to English football, and also why I’m glad we’ve finally got a Fowler tribute t-shirt out!

There IS a God – I saw him score in front of the Kop!