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Justice for the 96

You should have heard (by the time you read this) about our brand new charity t-shirts that we’re selling in aid of the Hillsborough Families Support Group. The designs were specifically chosen by the group from a range of others, and we are very proud to be working alongside them.

When I went to meet with Margaret Aspinall and some of the other members of the Hillsborough Families Support Group on a cold and wet Wednesday evening I was asked why we wanted to help. I answered that we simply wanted to give something back. We are in the fantastic position of being able to get our t-shirts out in-front of hundreds and thousands of Liverpool fans around the globe, so if we didn’t use this platform to help HFSG continue the important work that they are doing then we really wouldn’t deserve to be able to call ourselves Liverpool fans.

In this day and age of internet openness and FOI requests, it’s ridiculous to me that the truth about that horrendous day in April STILL isn’t known. Thankfully, HFSG are campaigning on behalf of all those families whose loved ones never came home, to make sure that the truth is revealed, and justice prevails.

If we can help, even just through one t-shirt sale, then we will be glad to have helped. The truth isn’t out yet and, though it moves closer every day, HFSG still rely on donations. We’re going to give them at least £4 from every HFSG t-shirt we sell (hopefully more) and we’re hopeful of raising at least a thousand or two for this great cause.

Please help HFSG keep the fight for justice going by buying either of our 96 or Justice for the 96 t-shirts. It would also be helpful if you can help spread the word – tell / email your friends about these t-shirts, link to them on facebook and twitter, like the pages, etc – anything you can do to help get the t-shirt in front of more and more Liverpool fans would be very much appreciated! We’re in the process of contacting the local press, etc but if you have a contact, or can advertise the cause to liverpool fans through your blog / website / newsletter that would be great too.

We’ll let you know on how much we’ve raised right here in the blog, so keep checking back for updates.

Finally, if you don’t want a t-shirt but want to donate then you can do so on their website.


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